sale and transfer of house lease

The house sale is not subject to special rules. Simply, the compromise contains a clause stipulating that the property investment is rented under a house lease which is annexed to compromise. In other words, the lease is transferred to the property purchaser with housing and the purchaser has read the conditions of the lease. But we need to know exactly what is transmitted with the contract when someone has managed to sell my house fast..

The deposit

Remember that the deposit is an amount the tenant pays the landlord enters the premises and which is made at the exit of teh contract to the house seller who is saying buy my house.

This is the new landlord must return the deposit to the tenant's departure. This principle is mandatory since the Act of 2009, even if the deposit has not been transferred to the purchaser at the time of sale. This is no systematic effect, given the sums at stake in relation to the sale price of a property owner looking to sell house quickly